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 “Increase your Google ranking”

While many smm/seo firms sell you the promise of high rankings, Majestic Social Media delivers profitable SEO solutions that integrate the most up to date methods and ethical techniques that provide your business with more than simply keyword rankings but a real return on your investment. Simply explained, search engine optimization is the technique of attaining a high ranking in search engines and directories via changes to your sites internal code, textual content, link structure and navigation to make it compatible with the current search engine standards. Do not hesitate and contact us today for a free consultation and quote at or call us at 800-760-0917.

Did you know that search engines can’t “read” graphics, Macromedia Flash or navigate a framed website effectively? Did you also know that key search words and phrases in your “title tag” (found in the HTML script of your site) and body content are often the most important references that search engines analyze when ranking websites for search relevancy?

Don’t waste another minute with your “local guy” – you have invested a lot of time and money into developing your website, products, services, etc. so now is the time to get serious about promoting the very thing you have worked so hard to build and start making money with it!

A focused & consistent SEO campaign will bring your website to top pages in major search engines & generate great traffic. Most of the SEOs will suggest you that natural search engine ranking is a dicey thing to bid upon! And advise you to go for some easy paid methods of rankings/optimizing. But the truth is that they don’t want or better say not competent enough to get face-to-face with search engine algorithms and rest of the things of required for natural ranking! Majestic Social Media & SEO services are fully geared up to get your website to the top of the search engines naturally, ethically and economically! Our SEO or Web Promotion services like natural search engine rankings are meant for serving quality work to all size companies. Our ethical SEO services are based on the most modern Internet ethics and standards maintaining the reasonable prices for our packages.

Why Majestic Social Media & SEO For Natural Search Engine Ranking ?

Our SEO Packages are built on this platform. Ethical SEO work + Social Platforms = Organic/Natural Results for longer terms Search Engine Ranking never seemed so simple, isn’t it? With our SEO Packages you will get an easy and effective solution to achieve the top positions of any major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other you ask for… Search Engine Ranking never seemed so simple, isn’t it? With our SEO Packages you will get an easy and effective solution to achieve the top positions of any major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other you ask for… -Link Building (one-way, inbound, two-way) to the quality websites -Keyword Enrichment and Relevancy Enhancement -Ethical Means of optimizations (under the guidelines of search engine) -Making most of Social Media Optimizations -Fast Organic Results, far earlier than expected -Website Maintenance and Full Assistance for longer terms benefits -Low Rates along with Quality work.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process
Website Analysis
Each and every point regarding your website’s progress and movement is thoroughly examined and studied by our SEO experts. We analyze your website needs and identify what more can make your website better. Our experts check in what are the effective keywords and which way your website can have greater and quality traffic.

Keyword Research
We embed the best and most useful keywords to make your website visible to the target customers/audiences at the very first stroke. Keywords are prepared after a deep research, phrase relevancy, identifying the commonest used words and understanding the nerves and psyches of the target customers. Our SEO experts discover and frame keywords using the modernist techniques and technologies that include analyzing your competitors’ keywords as well. After fully preparing the data and research; we serve you the keywords that is going to bring you maximal quantity and quality clicks.

Competitive Analysis
We want to make your website superior to your competitors in every term. Hence, we keenly analyze your website performance in the prospects of global marketplace and trends. We identify your website’s weaknesses, things needed to be improved, direct and indirect competitors and how to beat them, quantity and quality traffics, precise and useful keywords, etc. Our SEO experts make detailed analysis-reports and prepare the blueprint for further implementations.

SEO Strategy Formulation
Every website requires different approach for search engine optimizations. Therefore we formulate a unique SEO strategy for every individual website. Our strategy is cent percent ethical and well blended with the latest web transformations. Over the years, our strategies have been very successful and proved effective for several hopeless cases as well.

Search Engine Friendly Design
For better visibility in the search engines, your website needs to be search engine friendly. Using our unsurpassed expertise in SEO industry, we make your website search engine friendlier. We generate Google site analytics code, precise keyword density and everything else required for fulfilling the search engine criteria.

Search Engine Optimization
Modern search engine optimization is all about social media marketing. Our SEO experts take your website to the best social platforms or social networks so that you can have ample of exposure and Google or search engine follow ups. With one way and mutual link building, your website tends to have better visibility in the search engine indexing. Our SMO services drives greater internet traffics; betters your brand value and makes a distinct image!

Local Search Optimization
With our effective local search optimizations, your website gets closer reach and better visibility to the local people. Our local search optimizing lets you have increased business locally and brand recognition amidst the local customers. From the Swedish Google to the MSN in Spanish, from the German YahooT to the French AltaVistaT, get users to find your website when searching with your keywords in their Native language! Let us show you how to develop a strong presence on foreign search engines.

Monitor and Adjust
Monitoring is one of the integral parts of our SEO services which take care of your website’s minutest progress and movements. In addition, we keep tab any fault or error occurring in your website. We also keep detailed track records of traffic and their quantity, quality and origins.

We keep up you aware of the each and every progress with our reports. Our reports are prepared after deep studying, analysis, examinations of your website. Our experts provide you the most accurate SERP reports of your website.

Our SEO services provide you full assistance to keep up your website to the top and for longer times. During and after the project, your website is served with full optimization assistance with one way or mutual link building, directory submissions, articles submissions, etc.